Students can earn SUNY college credit in our various courses we offer.  Unique and engaging electives, such as Advertising and Calligraphy, offer opportunities for students to explore additional interests. Our goal is to help students grow intellectually and spiritually, and our challenging curriculum ensures students have the academic resources necessary to succeed. 

College Credit
Students in their junior and senior years may take college credit courses through Cardinal O’Hara’s affiliation with Niagara University, Niagara County Community College, Daemen College and Erie Community College.

Tutorial Services
Each day at Cardinal O’Hara, a special 9th period is designated as a tutorial period where students can get extra help or clarification from their teachers.  By ensuring this extra 45-minute period is available to each student, for each teacher, every day, Cardinal O’Hara demonstrates a commitment to reinforcing the learning experience outside of normal classroom hours.

Graduation Requirements

Course Requirements
Courses Regents Diploma Regents Diploma
with Advanced Designation
English 4 4
Social Studies 4 4
Mathematics 3 3
Science 3 3
Religion 4 4
Physical Education 2 2
Health .5 .5
Language other than English 2 3
Art/Music 1 1
Computer Technology .5 .5
Elective Credits 2 2
Minimum Number of Credits 26 26
Students must earn the minimum number of credits in each subject area to qualify for graduation. 

In addition, students must pass the five (5) NYS Regents exams listed below with a minimum score of 65.

Students pursuing the Regents with Advanced Designation diploma are required to complete an additional year of foreign language and pass  three (3) additional Regents Exams.

Testing Requirements
Assessments Required
for Graduation with Regents Diploma
Regents Regents with
Advanced Designation
English Yes Yes
Integrated Algebra Yes Yes
2nd Regents Math No Yes
Global History and Geography Yes Yes
US History and Government Yes Yes
Regents Science Yes Yes
2nd Regents Science No Yes
Languages other than English No Yes

Students must score a 65 or higher on New York State Regents Examinations to meet graduation requirements.

An Honors diploma is awarded to those students that achieved a 90 or higher average on the required Regents exams.