The English Department of Cardinal O’Hara High School recognizes the need for a solid foundation of reading and writing skills, in order to ensure the future academic and work force success of our students. In order to build this foundation, the Department focuses on a study of classical and contemporary literature, effective writing and communication proficiency, and college preparatory skills. At each level, the students are challenged to build upon the skills learned in the previous year and improve their vocabulary and analytical thinking.

English Department Goals:

  1. To integrate the new core New York State Standards, including listening skills, reading comprehension skills, speaking and social interaction skills, and writing for informative and creative purposes.
  2. To bridge Young Adult and Classical Literature, including literature by women and minority groups.
  3. To foster a lifetime love of literature and writing, beyond the high school realm.
  4. To introduce students to research methods and the writing of formal essays.
  5. To prepare students for success on the SATs and the New York State English Regents Exam.

Department Faculty:

Mr. John Dunne Mrs. Jamie Wilczek Ms. Joanne Pera Mrs. Lori Panaro
English 12: British Literature
College Credit
English 10 English 11 English 9
Advanced Credit Literature English 10 Honors English 11 Honors- Advanced Credit  ESL Instructor
Mystery Literature & Film Advanced Placement Literature Advanced Desktop Publishing Computer Technology
Creative Writing- College Credit  

Literature and Film

English 9 Honors      

Faculty Resource Pages (for students and parents):
Ms. Joanne Pera

MLA Style Booklet: Student Resource Booklet for Research Papers