Summer Reading Requirements

This year all incoming freshman will be assigned the same book, "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" by David Lubar.  There are a limited number of copies available in the school bookstore.  

All upperclassmen will have a choice of books sponsored by various faculty and available online in bookstores. Students will receive their summer reading catalog in English class.  This year we will use a digital sign up method and Google Classroom to facilitate the program.  At 2:30 PM om June 1st, students can use the code for the book by filling out a digital Google form.  This sign up form will remain open until 12 students have signed up for the book, then it will automatically close. (This gives each teacher the same size reading group.)

Current students will have until the last day of School, Friday, June 8th, to make their book selection and sign up for a book.  THOSE WHO FAIL TO DO SO WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF ZERO OUT OF 100, averaged into their first quarter English grade in September.