Fine Arts

Mission Statement
First and foremost, we recognize that our students are endowed with many talents given to them through the blessings of our Divine Creator. In this awareness, we shall encourage, guide, nurture, and value the creative "inner spirit" that is found within every student.

In addition, we recognize the guidelines set forth by the New York State Regents Standards for the Arts. We will work to educate our students and present to them the knowledge, history, hands-on experience, and appreciation for the various cultural contributions made to the humanities, manifested through all the arts; and by so doing, prepare them for their place in a successful future.

Fine Arts Department Overview

The fine arts staff at Cardinal O’Hara High School consists of five exceptional and talented individuals and artists, specializing in performing as well as the visual arts. They have extensive experience in their disciplines and actively engage in their fields outside of the COHS community.

Our program allows the student flexibility to shape and build a unique experience in the arts by choosing a variety of fine arts credits in both performing and visual performance. Students may also choose a single sequence majoring in one field in preparation for college.

Although New York State Regents requirements include one (1) credit of a fine art, many COHS students have completed three to five credits upon graduation. COHS believes study in the arts is an essential component to an education of the whole person.

Fine Arts Department Goals

  1. To introduce students to a variety of artistic outlets thereby introducing O'Hara students to a well rounded education and appreciation for all the arts.
  2. To encourage students to " think outside the box" and show them how to imagine or use their energies in creative ways. Whether it is choreographing a dance move, formulating an idea for a painting or photograph, finding that extra-special note in a choral arrangement or finding sounds within an instrument.
    Our main objective is to let each student find their inner self through some type of artistic expression and recognize how beautiful each individual is for what they are and what they can do.
  3. To provide the basic foundations on which to build an understanding of the arts. This is inclusive to vocabulary, theories, different artists, techniques, time periods and history in all arts (choral, visual, instrumental, dance). We encourage our students to learn not only with an actual hands on approach but reasons and ways musicians, artists, dancers and singers chose to do what they did and how this changed or enhanced our modern day arts.

Fine Arts Faculty and Course Descriptions: 

Mrs. Helen HerbyMrs. Patti MeyerMs. Jill DeSantisMr. Colin SperrazzaFr. Tom Ribits
Studio in Art Dance I Concert Band Chorus Advanced Drawing and Painting
Photography Dance II Individual Instruction Song Corp.  
Drawing and Painting Advanced Dance Wind Ensemble  Media Design  
    Jazz Band Individual Instruction  

Course Descriptions