Course Descriptions

Visual Arts

Studio in Art: A broad range of media used and experimented with as well as an art history component that helps students understand the timeline of art throughout history up until today’s contemporary art.

Advanced Studio in Art: This course will be designated for those students who have proven themselves to be dedicated, young artists and intend on finding their own voice through the visual arts. One's own preference to media and processes will be taken into account and fostered to help develop the individual talent.

Drawing and Painting: A course that looks at basic drawing techniques such as charcoal, soft pastel, pen and ink, and collage. Painting is also practiced using watercolor, acrylic and tempera. This is a fun class that also discusses art history in depth.

Photography: Students will learn how to operate manual cameras, develop film, and use the darkroom. Digital cameras will be introduced, along with Photoshop, printing, and Mixed Media. All work is photo based in content.

Media Design: A course, which incorporates photography, media, the elements of art, principles of design, traditional art media, computer design such as Photoshop and endless possibilities of creating unique art pieces.

Advanced Drawing and Painting: Advanced drawing and painting supports the student who wants to pursue a college major in the visual arts compile a portfolio of assorted works using various mediums.

Performing Arts

Concert Band: This is Cardinal O’Hara’s beginner band. Students in Concert Band do not need prior musical experience to join. Students have the opportunity to learn a new instrument, or expand upon what they already know. They will learn about basic musical elements and how to play in an ensemble setting. Students also attend weekly lessons in small groups. 
Wind Ensemble: This is Cardinal O’Hara’s advanced band. Students in Wind Ensemble refine the skills they have learned on their instruments, perform various styles of music, and learn numerous musical elements in an ensemble setting. Students also attend weekly lessons in small groups

Music Theory I: This course is designed to introduce and expound upon the "whys" and "hows" of music. Starting from the most basic elements of music with notes on the staff, rhythm, clefs, keys, and meter, the course quickly moves into the way all of these are combined to create melody and harmony. We analyze music, learn the rules (and how they are broken), and compose some of our own. Knowledge and skills learned in this class will give students the necessary tools to not only understand what they are hearing and seeing while listening to or performing music, they will also be able to understand how to compose music and learn instruments such as piano or guitar with more ease. While being a member of an ensemble (band or chorus) is not required for enrollment, it is highly recommended.

Mixed Chorus

Song Corps: This is arguably the most visible ensemble in Cardinal O'Hara. Song Corps is our advanced chorus which requires the successful completion of Mixed Chorus with teacher recommendation or for transfer/advanced freshmen, an audition or teacher recommendation for entry. Song Corps not only performs on at least two concerts per year, but we also serve as the school's mass choir who sings on monthly masses. Frequently, the ensemble goes on overnight/weekend trips where we not only perform, but also tour. This includes our tri-annual Disney trip. Students in Song Corps will be challenged with high level repertoire, rigorous rehearsals, and rewarded with lasting friendships, memories, and outstanding performances. Students may wish to audition for All-County, Area All-State, and All-State ensembles. All students who are enrolled in Song Corps will receive weekly small group lessons.

Dance: Classes consist of ballet, modern, tap, jazz and hip-hop styles.  Each marking period different styles will be studied. The students will learn dances and combinations as well as important choreographers and the history of those styles.  The students also have performance opportunities throughout the year.

The Culinary Institute at O’Hara (CIAO): a two year program based on the National Restaurant Association ProStart® program, and is open to juniors and seniors. The course provides an introduction to restaurant management, hospitality and beginning and advanced culinary techniques. Completion of both years can result in college credit at local community college culinary programs. Whether a student plans a career in the restaurant industry, is seeking a leg up for temporary or summer employment, or simply wishes to begin their adult life with knowledge of the essentials of cooking – this program is for you.