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Student Services

The Cardinal O'Hara Guidance Counseling Center is designed to assist all students in their development toward becoming self-directed, respectful of themselves and others, responsible, and productive, caring citizens in the community.  The program assists students in the following ways:

Helping them understand their:

  • Unique personality
  • Personal value system
  • Academic potential and achievement
  • Vocational aptitudes
  • Graduation requirements
  • Personal and career interests

Help students achieve the following: 

  • A realistic, tolerant philosophy of life
  • Appropriate personal, academic, and career goals
  • An understanding of their developing educational needs
  • A complete high school program plan to meet their needs
  • An evaluation of progress toward graduation with adjustments as needed
  •  A transition from dependence to independence
  • School Counselors are certified professionals that guide students academically, socially, and personally throughout their high school career.  It is a collaborative process that needs the support of parents/guardians, teachers, staff and community. 

School Counselors:






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