The Religion program is at the heart of the mission of a Catholic and Franciscan school, and is an essential component to the curriculum at Cardinal O’Hara. Courses in religion are required for each of the four years a student will spend at COHS.

Students are required to perform four years of Christian Service at Cardinal O'Hara. Through the Christian Service Program, all COHS students are offered the gifts of humility and poverty in spirit as they follow the example of Saint Francis in loving service to others through Jesus Christ.

The goal of the Religion department is that students live a "practical discipleship," Christ-centered action acquired through practice rather than theory - a spiritual life actively engaged and intended to serve a purpose; an acceptance of the teachings of Jesus and the spreading of those teachings to others by word, action, and deed in their everyday life.

Mrs. Jeanne Wantz- Department Chair                       Fr. Tom Ribits                                Mr. Tom Appenheimer                       
Church History Church History Intro to Catholicism
Religion-12 Jesus of History Jesus of History



For more information regarding our department, contact Jeanne WantzTom Appenheimer or Fr. Tom Ribits