'Hawk for a Day' Program

Prospective students are encouraged to participate in the 'Hawk for a Day' program to experience a typical day at COHS. Student feedback on the program is overwhelmingly positive.

Participating in our 'Hawk for a Day', prospective students are paired with a current COHS student who shares similar interests. Prospective students attend all the host student's classes, experiencing first-hand the COHS environment, teachers and students. The program is available to all 8th grade students and transfer students.

Important Facts:

  • Students should arrive at COHS and check in at the Enrollment Office at 7:30am
  • The school day will end at 1:45 pm for visiting students
  • Lunch will be provided at no cost to visiting students*
  • Students are expected to adhere to the COHS dress code as closely as possible.  Sneakers are encouraged so that students can participate in gym class or dance
  • Students may bring a notepad and pencil to take notes during classes and/or a book to read if the host student has a scheduled exam
  • Students should alert the Enrollment Office as to their interests and current course load (eg. honors classes), so they can be paired with an appropriate host student

*Please notify the Enrollment Office of any dietary restrictions at least 48 hours prior to scheduled shadow day

For more information about these programs, contact Tammy Huber at 716-695-2600, ext. 307.