Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

COHS offers academic scholarship awards to qualified incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and service to the school community. Financial need is not a factor in determining scholarship eligibility.

Decisions on scholarship awards are based on a student's results on the Scholarship & Entrance Exam, in addition to their application, recommendations, campus visit, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade academic transcripts.

Scholarship essays for current 8th grade applicants must be completed and submitted prior to Dec. 15th to be eligible for increased scholarships for the upcoming academic year. 

Click here for this year's essay question.

Tuition Assistance
Limited financial assistance is available for parents experiencing difficulty meeting the cost of tuition. Eligibility is based on proven financial need as determined by the completed confidential tuition assistance form. Due to limited availability, all necessary forms for the upcoming school year must be submitted before June 1st are provided at registration.

Tuition assistance is determined by the overall household income and the number of dependents claimed on income taxes for the current year. 

  • Families who qualify will earn either 25%, 15%, or 10% of the net tuition.
  • Eligiblity may change each year depending on income. Families must re-apply each year.

For more information, contact Doug Buczak at (716) 695-2600, ext. 307.