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Alumni News

Updates from Our Alumni

HawkTalk Faculty Edition- Sr. Maureen Helak C.S.S.F

In addition to our alumni HawkTalks, Dave Lovering has spoken to several faculty and staff members who have been part of the O’Hara family

Tell Us About Yourself

COHS would like to know about YOU. We are excited to hear news from our alumni. Whether it is related to your career, family, or any aspect you’d like to share, we’d like to hear from you. News will be featured on this website, and will also be included in the next issue of Cardinal O’Hara Today.

COHS wants to ensure all alumni communications are delivered to the correct addresses. If your contact information has changed, or if you know of an alumnus whose information has changed, please contact the Advancement Office.

Please take a moment to update us on what you are doing…job, school, marraige, family, etc. We enjoy hearing from our alumni and want to celebrate your successes.

To contact the Advancement & Alumni Relations department, please contact Renee Orr at (716) 695-2600, ext. 312, or via email at

Fill out the form below to keep us up to date with address and email changes and well as what's new with you.