Hall of Fame

Since its inception, Cardinal O’Hara High School has graduated more than 5,000 young men and women. Many have achieved notable accomplishments in such areas as business, education, medicine, law, military, the arts and throughout their communities. In 2005 the administration of Cardinal O’Hara began to formally recognize men and women who have distinguished themselves in their careers and community. In addition, the school also wanted to recognize its accomplishments in the sports arena and those individuals who helped make O’Hara athletics a success.

Both the Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame awards were born. Based on nominations from various sources, the inaugural class was inducted in the Hall of Fame on October 14, 2005. 

We are accepting nominations for future induction classes.


Nominating Instructions


The two nomination categories are as follows:

  • ALUMNI – An Alumnus must have graduated from COHS a minimum of seven years prior nomination.
  • HONORARY – An honorary candidate must have made a significant impact on COHS. The honorary category may include counselors, faculty and staff.


The four categories of nomination are as follows:

  • ATHLETE – An athlete must have graduated from COHS a minimum of seven years prior to nomination.
  • COACH/ADMINISTRATORA coach/administrator must have distinguished themselves in such a manner that they have brought significant local, regional or state recognition of the highest honor to COHS.
  • HONORARY – An honorary candidate must have made a significant impact on COHS athletics and/or made a significant impact in regional, state, national, professional, or international levels of athletics. The honorary category may include counselors, faculty, athletic representatives or managers.
  • TEAM – Nominees may include certain COHS athletic teams who accomplished undefeated seasons, championships, etc.

Please note in 2008, a Memorial Plaque of Honor was started dedicated to the alumni service men and women who have given their lives for our country. If you are aware of alumni for this plaque, please call 716-695-2600, ext. 312, or email:


1. Leadership 
2. Impact on COHS athletic program 
3. Honors/awards 
4. School record holder 
5. Community involvement/citizenship 
6. Sportsmanship 
7. Graduated from COHS
1. Academic Excellence
2. Impact on COHS 
3. Honors/awards 
4. Leadership or distinguished service 
5. Community involvement/citizenship
6. Significant contributions to society 
7. Graduated from COHS 


Hall of Fame Classes are inducted in the spring of every even year.  To be considered for the next class, a nomination must be completed and either delivered, postmarked by September 30, 2019 or emailed to: All of the nominees will receive a letter outlining the Hall of Fame and its procedures. These nominees will also be asked to complete a biography form. Detailed information about the candidates career, family and accomplishments need to be returned by October 30, 2019, for voting to begin. Candidates that do not receive induction votes will remain as nominees for five additional years.

Download the nomination forms here:

For more information, contact:
Director of Advancement
Renee Orr
(716) 695-2600, ext 312

Cardinal O'Hara High School Hall of Fame

Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Members Athletic Hall of Fame Members
2005 Robin Schimminger ‘65 2005 1980-81 Varsity Football Team
  Jean May-Brett ’67   1991-92 Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team
  Ronald Roll ‘70   Elmo Drilling
  Michael Rizzo ‘80   Delores Franz
2006 Edward Fleming ’66   William Scherrer ‘76
  Brigadier General Anthony Caruana ’65   Kristin Bauer ’89
  Peter Cuviello ’65 2006 1967-68 Varsity Baseball Team
  John Heimbach ‘67   1993-94 Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team
  Mary O’Hanrahan Loiacono ‘68   Sandra Harrigan Banas ’91
2007 Maureen Mc Gloin ‘76   Anthony Krupski ’85
  Philip Haberstro ’65   Jeff Yeates ‘69
  Jack Baron ’79   Michael Yeates ‘73
2008 Brigadier General William Bender ‘79 2007 1963 Varsity Football Team
  C. Douglas Hartmayer ‘66    John Rumschik ‘72
  Honorable Richard Halloran ‘65   Douglas Whelan ‘68
  Father Charles Jagodzinki – Honorary   Ken Bazinet ’65
2009 Patrick Boland '65   Michael Balogh ’68
  Nancy LaTulip '71 2008 Cheryl Gress Buggs ’73
  Colonel James "Mouse" Neumeister '73   Peter J. Bursik ’79
  Dr. Paul Schreckenberger '65   Laura Alexander Gunn ’83
2012 Dr. Mary Ann Cavanagh Camann '65   Maureen O’Hanrahan Traina ‘78
  Francis James Falkowski '67   1990/1991 Girls’Track & Field Team 
  Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer '69   F.W. (Curly) Martin (Honorary)
  James Salada '68 2009 Ralph Dintino ‘70
  Msgr. Leo McCarthy (Honorary)   Jennifer Hoffman, ‘92
 2014 Michael M. Billoni '73   James A. Law IV ‘98
  Ronald Shaw '75   Gerard O’Sullivan ‘82
  Sister Brenda Whelan '79   Diane Quart ‘69
 2016 Col. John J. Higgins '75   COHS Booster Club (Honorary)
  Dr. Maureen Montgomery '66 2012 Katherine Mang '65
  Hon. Mark Montour '75   Patricia McCadden Bauer '66
 2018 Curtis C. Guame '65   Richard Hessinger '66
  Sandra A. DiPasquale, DrPH '70   James Mary '72
  Thomas Via '76  2014 Tim Conboy '72
  Col. Robert Pecoraro '76   Michael Panzarella '89
      Ronald Keels '04
    2016 Daniel McDermott '75
      Brian Ross '91
      Melissa Kanalley '91
      Angelo Sciandra
      2006 Varsity Football Team
      2007 Varsity Football Team
    2018 Charles LaDuca '69
      1976 Baseball Team
      Robert Judge '90
      Coach Timothy Dyrek

Military Plaque of Honor

James Steinkirchner ‘67 Roger Ellis Montz ‘66