Softball Coaches:

Varsity Head CoachAssistant
Mike Norwood

 John Dunne

2018 Varsity Softball Schedule: 

4/6/2018 4:30pm Scrimmage @ Akron Akron  L 10-4
4/16/2018 4:15pm Shoshone Park, MM, SBV Sacred Heart   Cancelled due to weather
4/17/2018 4:30 Lou Gehrig CCA  Cancelled due to weather
4/24/2018  4:00pm  COHS Mt. St. Mary's    L 14-0
4/26/2018 4:15pm Shoshone Park Sacred Heart  L 11-1
5/1/2018  4:00pm  COHS Mt. Mercy   L 19-1
5/4/2018  4:00pm  Walden Pond, MM SBV St. Mary's   Cancelled
5/5/2018 3:30pm COHS CCA  W 10-8
5/7/2018  4:00pm  Lincoln Park #3 Nardin Academy   L
5/9/2018  4:00pm  COHS Nichols   L
5/10/2018 4:00pm COHS St. Mary's  L
5/15/2018 4:00pm COHS CCA