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Model U.N.

The Model U.N. is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization, and multilateral diplomacy. In Model U.N., students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an inter-governmental organization.

Model U.N. Moderator
Mr. John Dennis

model_un.jpgThe Model UN Club holds a mock session every spring at the University of Buffalo simulating the actual United Nations General Assembly. Students represent their chosen nations' viewpoints on world issues, then discuss, debate, and vote on resolutions with other WNY students. Over 70 area high schools attend this event, which teaches the students how to better interact with others, how to express their views (and support them factually), how to improve their public speaking & get their information across in a timely manner (2 minutes or less per talk), and lastly, how to form alliances with other schools/nations to amend/edit these world issue resolutions.

The Model U.N. Club includes members from from grades 9 through 12, who develop important teamwork skills while gathering information and presenting. 

We have represented North & South Korea, Poland, Germany, Ireland, France and Spain in recent years.

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