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Campus Ministry

About the Campus Ministry

We are a Franciscan School with Franciscan values.  Because of these values we expect and demand that our students follow to the best of their ability the following:

Respect of Life ~ The gift of life is so valued that each person is cared for with such joy, respect, dignity, fairness and compassion that he or she is consciously aware of being loved.

Compassionate Concern ~ In openness and concern for the welfare of ourselves, our family, friends, fellow students, teachers, administration, faculty and those outside of Cardinal O’Hara, the poor, the disabled, those addicted to drugs and alcohol, the homeless, we are called to be responsible, dedicated and faithful disciples of Christ.

Christian Stewardship ~ We have been entrusted with a tradition  here at Cardinal O’Hara High School of Christian Stewardship.  Christian faith is always personal but never only private.  We are called by Christ and  the example of Francis to a community where we rejoice together, bear each other’s burdens, share responsibility for encouraging one another in faith, and reach out together to the world around us proclaiming the good news of God’s love in word and deed.

Joyful Service ~ The witness of Franciscan presence throughout the school encompasses but is not limited to, joyful availability, compassionate, respectful  care and dynamic stewardship in true service of the Church.  We are called to serve others, as Francis did.

Fidelity to our Mission ~ Loyalty to and pride in Cardinal O’Hara High School are exemplified by members of the O’Hara family through their joy and respect in our mission statement, code of honor and tradition.

Working through these value we require all students to donate 35 hours per year of community service which lends to 140 hours upon graduation.

Monthly Liturgies

Maintaining our Catholic Christian tradition is of the upmost importance to Cardinal O’Hara High School.  Every month throughout the school year we have a mass for all staff and students.  We encourage all students to participate in the readings and bringing of the gifts.  Those students that have received their sacrament of Confirmation are encouraged to become Ministers of the Eucharist and have the ability to serve both here at school and at their home parishes.

In the fall of the year, we hope to have a class available to all those interested in becoming Eucharistic Ministers.  This program will be open to all Confirmed Catholics with a signed registration form from their home pastor.

Greccio & Christmas Concert


The scene of the Nativity of our Lord is something of familiarity to us, however, not so prior to the gifted insight of St Francis of Assisi.  Francis lived in the small town of Greccio and loved to tell  scripture stories through drama.  Most people in his village did not read and he felt this was the best way to help them remember God’s messages to us.  During the Christmas season, St Francis brought families and villagers together to reenact the scene of Jesus’ birth.  This story is told by our freshman every year.  The story, the reenactment and the songs of the season all come to play prior to our amazing Christmas concert.

Christmas Concert:

Our Christmas Concert both vocal and instrumental follow the story of the Nativity.  The evening brings everyone to the joy of the season and brings alumni and families alike back year after year.  Join us for a very memorable evening.

Junior Ring Ceremony

The symbol of the ring has traditionally been the sign of a student achieving the senior year of their high school experience.  At Cardinal O’Hara High School we enjoy an evening of liturgy, refreshments and …. sometimes rings… and sometimes mementos …. all blessed  and handed out to our juniors the first Thursday evening of December.  Although many students still opt for the traditional senior ring, many have crosses, rings or other jewelry that have personal meaning for them brought forward and passed to them on this special evening.  Many of our alumni come back for this traditional evening remembering their joyful experience here at COHS.