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Faculty and Staff Email List


PositionName (links to email)Phone Ext.
Principal Mary Holzerland 304
Associate Principal  Jill Monaco 306
Chief Financial Officer Brigid Knott 315
Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations Renee Orr 312
Director of Admissions Doug Buczak 307
Director of Athletics Brian Lamping 308


PositionName (links to email)Phone Ext.
School Nurse Katie Thomas, RN 317
Custodial Dan McDermott 316
Custodial Mike Deemer 316
Maintenance Supervisor Dave McDonald 316
Advancement & Communications Manager Renee Orr 312
Administrative Assistant- Principal and Main Office

Karen Torrie

Admissions Associate Tammy Huber 357
Advancement Associate Melinda Pierce 310
Advancement Assistant Diana Schiesser 311

Administrative Assistant - Assoc. Principal

Administrative Assistant - Athletic Director 

Attendance Office

Carrie Kelsey 305
Administrative Assistant - Guidance  Rena Hoffman 353
Technology Coordinator Mark Huoh  


** Please note the quickest way to get in touch with the faculty is through email.

If email or a computer is unavailable, please contact the Main Office at 716-695-2600 to leave a message.

DepartmentName (links to email)Phone Ext.
  Brian Lamping  
  Joanne Pera  
  John Dunne  
  Patrick Goatseay  
  Jamie Wilczek  
Fine Arts
  Helene Herby  
  Patti Meyer  
  Jill DeSantis  
  Scotty Harris   
  Colin Sperrazza  
  Laura Meli  
  Michelle Willard  
Library Media Center    
  Karen Rosolowski 324
  Janene Scanio  
  Anita Weppner  
  Sam Richbart  
  Colleen Reidy  
  Shaquille Dudley  
Physical Education/Health    
  Sam Harmon  
  Tom Appenheimer  
  Jeanne Wantz  
  Fr. Tom Ribits  
  Michael Norwood  
  Erica Doktor  
  Stacy Scheuneman  
  Lyn Porcelli  
  Joseph Smith, PhD  
Social Studies    
  Gary Gross  
  John Dennis  
  Stephanie O'Donnell  
World Languages    
  Cheryl Steingasser  
  Anne Pacouloute  
  Antoinetta Castaldo