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Student Code of Conduct

About the Student Code of Conduct

One of the most important lessons that education imparts is discipline. It is the foundation of our society. It is through the development of self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency that we grow as Christians. These traits are essential for good conduct and consideration of others. When a student ignores, violates and/or breaks a school policy, a disciplinary sanction will be given.


Disciplinary Sanctions

As stated above, when a student’s behavior and/or conduct is not consistent with the rules and policies set forth by COHS, a disciplinary sanction will be issued. These sanctions will vary in severity depending on the level and frequency of the offense committed. Possible sanctions include: issuance of a warning, detention, service detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, and dismissal. Please note that repeated and/or extreme behaviors will result in more severe consequences.

Detention/Service Detention

Detention is the COHS method for disciplining minor breaches of our Code of Conduct. When a detention is issued, it takes precedence over all non-academic activities. Accordingly, students who have been assigned a detention and/or service detention may not participate in any extra-curricular activity before his/her detention has been served. Those who have an after-school job are expected to serve their detention after school, before leaving for work. Depending on the type of detention and length, detention times will immediately be placed on Conduct Ineligibility until detention is served.

In-School Suspension

In-school suspension is assigned when a student’s conduct, either in its severity or frequency, warrants a higher disciplinary sanction. Depending on the conduct that resulted in the in-school suspension, a student will be assigned classroom material to complete and/or be palced on a service project in the building. While serving this suspension, students are responsible for getting and completing any work that was missed due to suspension. Students will not receive any extension for turning work in late and will receive a zero for any work not turned in. Students serve in-school suspension from 7:45am until 3:00pm. Students will not be permitted to participate in any school activities on the day(s) of such suspension.

Out-Of-School Suspension

Out-of-school suspension is reserved for our most extreme behavioral issues. The length of such suspension may range from one (1) to five (5) days, depending on the severity or frequency of offense. Students assigned to an out-of-school suspension are not permitted on the school campus during the course of their suspension and may not participate in any school-related event(s). Students will receive a zero for any tests and/or assignments missed due to suspension. Students may contact classmates for work missed but teachers are strictly prohibited from sending work home. Students receiving more than one out-of-school suspension in an academic school year may be dismissed.


When a student’s conduct and/or behavior is found to threaten the safety and/or mission of COHS, the student may be dismissed from the school. In such cases, COHS will recommend the student be placed in his or her public school district. When a dismissal occurs, the student is barred from attending any future COHS events, including dances and sporting events.

Conduct Ineligibility

In addition to the academic expectations placed on each student, a code of conduct expectation is also placed on each student. Students who exhibit repeated behavioral concerns and/or acts of misconduct will be placed on “Conduct Ineligibility” until such behavior is corrected. Conduct ineligibility restrictus student participation in extra-curricular activities. The length of this ineligibility period, as well as the level of restriction, will be determined by the severity of the action(s) and the intent of the student. Each case will be reviewed and monitored by administration, and a behavioral contract will be created. Please note that any student involved in inappropriate conduct off campus, including drug/alcohol-related offenses, will be immediately placed on conduct ineligibility while the situation is being investigated. Depending on the severity of the offense further discipline, including dismissal, may result.

Policy of Acceptable Use of Computerized Information Resources

Information about the acceptable use of computerized information resources at COHS may be downloaded here.